Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge - Books 4-7

Mindy Neff [1 year ago]

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From a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over 30 romance novels comes a series all about cowboys, community spirit and feel-good emotions. What do readers get with a Mindy Neff book? Small town romance filled with laughter and emotion, tough-guy heroes who are gentle and kind, and secondary characters—both human and animal—who help keep everyone stirred up! Books that touch your heart.

(All of the Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge books can be read as stand alone titles—so no need to worry if you read them out of order)

Wanted: Women and Babies. Where: Shotgun Ridge, Montana. When: As soon as possible!

Convincing this town’s perfectly happy, commitment-shy bachelor cowboys to say “I do” is going to take some doing. But the four well-meaning old matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge, Montana are up for the challenge—with some hilarious and emotional results.

The Sheriff Surrenders...
He guarded his town with an eagle eye…but even Sheriff Cheyenne Bodine couldn’t save himself from the outrageous Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. Seems they’d “rented” his house to lovely surrogate mom-to-be, Emily Vincent. And while the big city beauty would tempt a saint to live in sin, Cheyenne’s lawman’s oath permitted no such indiscretions. Sending Emily home would protect and serve them both…

Though the proud country lawman stole her breath, Emily knew her stay was temporary. Except…when she told Cheyenne that the babies she carried were his orphaned kin, she found herself under house arrest. The bail? Bonds of matrimony!

“These are imperfect and loving characterizations that remain with the readers long after the last page is turned. Indeed, a character driven romance that explores the joy and pain of birth and death, CHEYENNE’S LADY belongs on the keeper shelf. Very highly recommended.” –Cindy Penn, Word Wrap review editor. (Winner of the WordWeaving Award for Excellence)

“With a great sense of warm emotions, Mindy Neff has penned a keeper in CHEYENNE’S LADY.”
–Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ stars)


A doctor in her stocking?
Kelly Anderson had heard of the notorious Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. She just never dreamed they’d pair her with her new boss, the town’s own sexy, single, cowboy M.D., Chance Hammond. The man was one potent male package with a wicked bedside manner—surely not what the doctor ordered for a widow with two scared little girls and one big secret! But the carefree playboy had his own secret side. For when they had no place to go just days before Christmas, it was Chance who opened his home, Chance whose gentle ways made her daughters smile. She’d prayed for a Christmas miracle—had she instead found a man whose tender care could heal all their broken hearts?

“Delightful reading. A refreshing and honest novel filled with the challenges of betrayal, healing, and compromise . . . Highly recommended! –Cindy Penn, Word Wrap

“Ms. Neff has blended family traditions and fantastic characters to create a warm, tender love story . . . complete with passion, charm and everlasting love.” –The Romance Reader Connection 4 plugs—excellent

In name only?
Dan Lucas thought he was safe from the matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge, Montana. As the preacher, he was supposed to perform weddings, not take part in them! But when beautiful photojournalist Amy Marshall came to him with her plight, he found her offer impossible to refuse. 

Amy needed to marry Dan to fulfill the terms of her grandfather’s will. However, she hadn’t bargained on becoming an instant wife and mother when Dan unexpectedly received custody of an orphan baby. Brand-new feelings for both had Amy facing a difficult decision. Was she about to let her marriage become real…body and soul?

“With her usual entertaining sense of humor, Mindy Neff strikes again with PREACHER’S IN-NAME-ONLY-WIFE.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ stars)

She’s on the run for her daughter’s life…and her own.
Abbe Shea witnesses the mob hit of her fiancé and the killer’s warning is clear: talk and he’ll be back for her two-year old daughter. Abbe flees Las Vegas and makes her way to Shotgun Ridge, Montana…and to the safety of Grant Callahan’s horse ranch.  

Grant rents Abbe the ranch guest house, but he has his suspicions. She’s sexy and intelligent—and her little girl wins his heart immediately. Still, years as an elite member of the U.S. Special Forces tells him Abbe is hiding something. Then the FBI comes looking for her, and Grant wants the truth.  

When Abbe admits her connection to Vegas crime boss—and to him—Grant is stunned. Her revelations could destroy his reputation as a breeder of million-dollar horses. Yet right now, all that matters to Grant is protecting Abbe and her daughter. Because if the feds have found her, the mob isn’t far behind…

“Mindy Neff weaves a tale with lots of action, twists and surprises. Abbe and Grant are well developed characters put in their places by an all too cute two-year-old with a doll named Lambie-pie. This is a must read.” Amazon Reviewer

“Fans of Neff's will enjoy catching up with their favorite characters…new readers are in for a sinful and sexy treat.” Romantic Times Review 4 ½ stars, TOP PICK

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