Dinner on Primrose Hill

Jodi Thomas [1 month ago]

Dinner on Primrose Hill Book CoverSpesial access to download Dinner on Primrose Hill - Jodi Thomas eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi), The delightful and touching new novel from the bestselling author of dozens of treasured romances. Return to the picturesque Texas town of Honey Creeka place where friendship and warm welcomes can be relied on, and love always finds a way…

“Thomas’s memorable, refreshingly candid characters are sure to resonate, especially the strong female protagonists. Series fans will be delighted.” —Publishers Weekly
Benjamin Monroe is pretty sure how his life will play out. He’ll continue teaching chemistry in his small college, and spend his free time biking through the valley. Eventually, he’ll retire to putter around in his garden and greenhouse.

His colleague, Virginia Clark, is not one for routines. She’s chatty, spontaneous, and bubbly, and before Benjamin realizes what happened, she’s talked him into collaborating on a research project—studying the mating habits of college students. Virginia knows her desire to work with Benjamin is motivated by more than the potential prize money . . . and hopes he might not be quite as indifferent as he seems to be.

Ketch Kincaid, one of Benjamin’s star students, returned to college after serving in the army. He needs something to get his mind off his recent breakup and collecting research data might do it. And there’s another distraction on the horizon—a woman who looks like she, too, knows about heartache.

Soon enough, their project, “The Chemistry of Mating,” is gaining notoriety. Friends, neighbors . . . the whole town has become involved. But no matter what the data determines, one conclusion seems inescapable: love follows its own rules . . .

“Compelling and beautifully written.”
Debbie Macomber on Ransom Canyon

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