iMac (M1 2021) Complete Guide

Scott Edward [2 months ago]

iMac (M1 2021) Complete Guide Book CoverSpesial access to download iMac (M1 2021) Complete Guide - Scott Edward eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi), The new 24-inch iMac is a remarkable machine; powered by Apple’s new M1 processor, it feels modern and up-to-date in a way that iMacs haven’t for a number of years. It’s now powered by the same silicon that you ‘ll find in the new MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and MacBook Air, and there are important changes both under the hood and on the surface—everything from a refreshed color scheme to a new magnetic power cord.
Indeed, just one glance shows that the iMac’s profile been slenderized and modernized. The usual 21.5-inch screen has been scaled up to 24-inches without making the computer itself any larger (thank a much smaller bezel), and the iMac is now available in up to seven colors, depending upon which model you choose.
This book will help you with a collection of ACTIONABLE tips and tricks. It contains specific step-by-step instructions that are well organized and easy to read. With the aid of the screenshots, even a new user of Mac can understand this book easily.
Here is a Preview of what you will learn: New features on your iMac iMac Magic Keyboard iMac Magic Mouse Set up your iMac Apple Account on Mac The desktop, menu bar, and Help on your Mac The Finder on your Mac The Dock on your Mac Notification Center on your Mac Siri on your Mac Display settings for your Mac Spotlight on your Mac Use iCloud and Continuity Screen Time on Mac Use Handoff on your Mac Sidecar on your Mac Continuity Sketch and Continuity Markup on your Mac Unlock your Mac and approve tasks with Apple Watch Use AirPlay on your Mac Use AirPrint on your Mac Use AirDrop on your Mac Apps included with your iMac Keyboard shortcuts on your Mac Take a screenshot on your Mac Security features for iMac Important safety information for your MacAnd so much more!
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