Psychic Seasons: Books 1-3

ReGina Welling [6 years ago]

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Rings on her Fingers

Julie Hayward was not a believer in the paranormal. Newly engaged with a photography career just starting to take off, her life is almost comfortable. The only thing she lacks is enough money to repair the family home. But, when her best friend, Gustavia, drags her to a visit with a psychic thinking it will be a fun engagement gift, things get really crazy.

A ghostly encounter provides a cryptic clue to the location of the lost family fortune and a warning that her fiancé is not what he seems. Launched into a wild adventure, Julie must learn to listen to her heart, her intuition and the ghosts that will guide her in order to solve the mystery.

Journalist, Tyler Kingsley gets drawn into the search. What red-blooded male could resist a treasure hunt? The idea gets his blood pumping and so does Julie. When he realizes that her fiancé might be dangerous, he decides to protect her at any cost, even if he loses his heart.

Bells on Her Toes

After dating more than her fair share of frogs, Gustavia asks the universe to send her a prince. But, when her psychic adviser insists she has already met her soul mate, romantic prospects look bleak.

Finn Kent is no prince, just an ordinary guy who wants to protect his daughter from another devastating loss. He is definitely not pushing Gustavia away to protect his own heart. That is the story and he is sticking to it.

Helping her friend Julie solve an old family mystery has put Gustavia in danger. Between dealing with Julie's crazy ex and her own turbulent family relationships, the last thing Gustavia needs is another rejection. Drawn to Gustavia, Finn fights against his growing attraction every step of the way. Can they overcome the losses in their past or will they risk losing the love they might find together?

She Shall Have Music

Aura reader, Amethyst sees everyone around her through a lens of shifting colors and emotions.When the one person she never expects to see again turns up after three years, a shocking revelation changes everything. Now, in the midst of a helping a best friend solve a mystery, Amethyst will have to decide if their relationship deserves a second chance.

Reid Grayson knows it is time to walk away from the family business. What he doesn't know is what to do next. When he decides to spend a week visiting a friend, he has no idea he is walking into the next best thing to a haunted house. But it will be the secret he has been keeping that forces him to confront the ghosts from his own past.  

Every relationship deserves a second chance, doesn't it?

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