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Reaper Book CoverSpesial access to download Reaper - Kris Michaels eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi), Hindsight–– is always 20/20.

For the assassin known as Reaper, the chances he missed were displayed in perfect resolution every time he went back. Back to her, the only woman he'd ever loved. Back to where his life ended and then started again. The regrets had become too heavy, and he intended this trip home to be his last.

Memories–– hold no future.

Harmony Flinn had a chance to leave the drudgery of her small-town existence. The man she loved left her long ago, and he never came back. Her life was empty except for her art. When presented the chance of a lifetime, she'd grabbed onto that hope and jumped at the opportunity. Her desire to live anywhere but where she was landed her in a world she didn't recognize with a lurking evil her past hadn't prepared her to evade.

A Collision–– of the past and the present.

Reaper's mission was simple, find and eliminate a monster. With no anchor in the past to ground him, he threw himself into his next kill. His target's trail led him to a web of illegal deals and vicious crimes that curled through Paris' underbelly. His target sat in the middle of the swirling evil that had encircled Harmony with its shadow of death. Reaper had made a deal with the devil years ago. Now, he delivered Satan's chosen for Guardian, to protect the innocents of this world. Only the innocent this time was his woman and Reaper would walk through the fire-singed sands of Hell to save her.

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