SQL Server 2019 Revealed

Bob Ward [1 year ago]

SQL Server 2019 Revealed Book CoverSpesial access to download SQL Server 2019 Revealed - Bob Ward eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi), Get up to speed on the game-changing developments in SQL Server 2019. No longer just a database engine, SQL Server 2019 is cutting edge with support for machine learning (ML), big data analytics, Linux, containers, Kubernetes, Java, and data virtualization to Azure. This is not a book on traditional database administration for SQL Server. It focuses on all that is new for one of the most successful modernized data platforms in the industry. It is a book for data professionals who already know the fundamentals of SQL Server and want to up their game by building their skills in some of the hottest new areas in technology.
SQL Server 2019 Revealed begins with a look at the project's team goal to integrate the world of big data with SQL Server into a major product release. The book then dives into the details of key new capabilities in SQL Server 2019 using a “learn by example” approach for Intelligent Performance, security, mission-critical availability, and features for the modern developer. Also covered are enhancements to SQL Server 2019 for Linux and gain a comprehensive look at SQL Server using containers and Kubernetes clusters.
The book concludes by showing you how to virtualize your data access with Polybase to Oracle, MongoDB, Hadoop, and Azure, allowing you to reduce the need for expensive extract, transform, and load (ETL) applications. You will then learn how to take your knowledge of containers, Kubernetes, and Polybase to build a comprehensive solution called Big Data Clusters, which is a marquee feature of 2019. You will also learn how to gain access to Spark, SQL Server, and HDFS to build intelligence over your own data lake and deploy end-to-end machine learning applications.
You will:Implement Big Data Clusters with SQL Server, Spark, and HDFS
Create a Data Hub with connections to Oracle, Azure, Hadoop, and other sourcesCombine SQL and Spark to build a machine learning platform for AI applicationsBoost your performance with no application changes using Intelligent PerformanceIncrease security of your SQL Server through Secure Enclaves and Data ClassificationMaximize database uptime through online indexing and Accelerated Database RecoveryBuild new modern applications with Graph, ML Services, and T-SQL Extensibility with JavaImprove your ability to deploy SQL Server on Linux
Gain in-depth knowledge to run SQL Server with containers and KubernetesKnow all the new database engine features for performance, usability, and diagnosticsUse the latest tools and methods to migrate your database to SQL Server 2019Apply your knowledge of SQL Server 2019 to Azure

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