The Lucifer Genome

John Jeter & Glen Craney [8 years ago]

The Lucifer Genome Book CoverSpesial access to download The Lucifer Genome - John Jeter & Glen Craney eBooks (PDF, ePub, Mobi), A stolen relic ... the world's oldest human molecule ... DNArmaggedon.

Somebody with lots of guns and a demonic gene-altering plan has just heisted the world's most precious meteorite. Only one man—a former Defense Intelligence agent with a shady past—can prevent Hell being spawned on Earth.

Cas Fielding has been surfing away his retirement years on the waves of Malibu. But his rum-hazed hibernation is disrupted when an old associate in the spook business corners him with an assignment.

Islam's most revered relic—the Black Stone of Kaaba—has disappeared from Mecca.

The mission is best suited for the insane or suicidal, but Fielding—an old Army Ranger who is the only Westerner alive to have infiltrated the radical Bedouin tribes—accepts the task of trying to recover the Stone before the Saudi royal family can be disgraced and toppled for losing it.

In need of some intellectual firepower, he hooks up with Dr. Marly McKinney, a sultry but difficult Ivy League expert on meteorites. They descend into the global underground meteorite market, only to find themselves trapped between a holy rock and an Apocalyptic hard place.

What readers are saying about The Lucifer Genome:

"Dan Brown meets Carl Hiaasen--Big Thumbs Up!"
"[A] non-stop read with a great ending."
"This book was a great thriller. I couldn't put it down."


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